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SKO Swiss Leaders Association

Network for Today's and Tomorrows Managers

The strong partner for your career.

The Swiss Leader Association SKO asserts the economic, political and social interests of managers in Switzerland. It offers its members numerous services, events and exclusive offers.

The SKO is an active, national and regional network of contacts and connections for managers. The SKO has tradition and influence: founded in 1893 as «Schweizerischer Werkmeister-Verband» it counts more than 12,000 members today.

The SKO is the open and independent forum for all managers who work for a responsible, social, ecologically and economically sustainable development in their companies. We assert the interests of Swiss Leaders and support you in establishing and maintaining your connections with our large network of contacts. Members profit from valuable services and benefit from the connection with other managers. To make it brief: we strive for your success.

SKO Swiss
Leaders Association
P.O. Box
8042 Zurich

T: +41 43 300 50 50

«A new machining center was installed in our production line. Before the start-up I could take a specialized course during work hours.»

Last update: 01.07.2020