Social Partners of the MEM industries Industry


Whether an elegant lift, a modern railway cabin or an artificial hip joint: The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries (MEM-Industries) shapes our everyday lives. Not only are the high-class products themselves market leaders, so also are the manufacturing machines with which they are made.

Innovative and creative professional people are the basis for success. The industries offer them excellent opportunities for development.


In the industries you find a varied range of products: From communications and energy systems, to medical instruments to machine tools and textile machines. As wide-ranging as these innovative solutions are, so also are the professional opportunities.

High Tech

The high-quality products combine reliability with innovative solutions. Companies always offer their clients the latest and exacting products. The professionals are constantly expanding their knowledge to develop, design, manufacture and sell them. They get to know progressive solutions and work with the latest technologies. In completing whole projects it is not only technical ability that counts, but also the ability to work as part of a team.

«Due to the open policy of information in our company, our employees are interested in business relations and are motivated in their work.»

Last update: 30.06.2020