Social Partners of the MEM industries The CEA Advantages of the CEA

Advantages of the CEA

with CEA

  • Working conditions negotiated in partnership for all employees
  • Peace at work Procedure for the settlement of disputes
  • Solid foundation for the growth of the industry
  • Principles for relations between the Social Partners at company and association level
  • Regulated right of co-operation in the company
  • Measures for education and advanced training

without CEA

  • Haggling for individual advantages
  • Industrial disputes
  • No stable boundary conditions for the economy
  • Uncertain socio-political environment
  • Minimal welfare protection

Goals of the Agreement

In this agreement the parties wish to:

  • deepen co-operation between the employee and the employer, and their organisations
  • specify modern employment rights and obligations
  • promote social, economic and enviromentally protective growth of the industry
  • keep Switzeland competitive in a social market economy by promoting innovations and modern labour organisation of the workplace
  • settle differences of opinion in a regulated procedure and
  • guarantee happiness at work.
«With the annual working hours we can adapt the working hours to the volume of work.»

Last update: 30.06.2020