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Win with Unia – Yes to Switzerland as a strong location for work and research

The trade union Unia is the largest trade union in Switzerland with about 200,000 members.

Our members receive competent support and advice in 14 regions with 45 chapters and 110 local offices. Unia is a strong social force that helps shape Switzerland's economy and politics. It is party to 500 collective bargaining agreements in numerous sectors of all industries. The CEA of the MEM industry is one of Unia's most important agreements.

Unia guarantees better work conditions for about one million employees and stands up for justice and security at the workplace as well as in society.

Gewerkschaft Unia
Weltpoststrasse 20
P.O. Box 272
3000 Bern 15

«I'm at ease in our company and no-one harrasses me because of my origin.»

Last update: 01.07.2020