Social Partners of the MEM industries The CEA

The Collective Employment Agreement

The Collective Employment Agreement as an important part of the employment contract

The Collective Employment Agreement (CEA), is an important part of the employment contract for members of the ASM. The CEA results in far better working conditions than the law requires.

The CEA applies to 90.000 employees and approximately 530 enterprises in the MEM-Industries.

Progressive Provisions

The CEA in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries establishes clear and sensible boundary conditions and offers:

  • modern employment and working conditions
  • progressive welfare benefits
  • extended rights of co-determination in the company
  • the basis for co-operation between contracting parties
  • stable boundary conditions for the development of the whole industry

Periodic Improvements

The economy is in a constant state of change and is always setting new challenges for the Mechanical Engineering Industries and the shaping of labour relations.  

In the periodically improved CEA, the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (MEM) Industries have a good base upon which to meet the coming challenges. The current CEA for the MEM-Industries applies until 30 June 2028.

Social Partnership enables stable cooperation and is an important factor for success in global competition.

«We were informed about the merger with a partner company clearly and at an early stage. This contributed greatly to employee motivation.»

Last update: 31.03.2020