Social Partners of the MEM industries The CEA Improvements as of 01.07.2023

Improvements as of 01.07.2023

The current CEA for the MEM-Industries

The current CEA for the MEM industries came into effect on 1 July 2023 and is valid until 30 June 2028. It includes the following achievements:

  • Additional promotion and safeguarding of workers’ employability through structural projects (e.g. MEM Gateway 4.0)
  • Flexible working hours (200 hours may be carried over, Art. 57 CEA)
  • Waiver of working time recording for certain groups of employees
  • Promotion of work-life compatibility through modern working conditions
  • Regional, different minimum wages for unskilled workers that are reviewed annually
  • Minimum wages indexed annually.
«In our medium-sized company we cannot do everything ourselves. The GAV gixes us a flexible basis for labour relations that is accepted by all sides. This saves time and prevents disputes.»

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